love one’s labour of loving

Seek relationships with that which radiates —

That which beams like the sun: full of generative potential for growth, change, evolution

This heat is distinct: it is fuelled by the core, building internal pressure. It’s generation slowly emanates outwards to shine upon others;

It is not a quick surface heat that scorches unevenly and rapidly dissipates.

Once this heat is felt by another, its acceptance may come with resistance and fear — for it is gentle, yet penetrates the other’s core; it gently reaches deep, and does not attempt to light the wick of the other’s heart

It will wait patiently, eternally, for the other to dissolve his boundaries and allow for his own heart’s wick to catch aflame and begin to generate his own heat:

Intrepid trepidation
facing creation
no need for hesitation
The light will only bathe you

This build up of core pressure can be overwhelming, for one finally feels alive! Life begins to feel meaningful; each moment: potent

like an exquisite wine,
life’s body is neither too light nor heavy —
It is full-bodied with its own dynamism and character

It is not an entirely easy tasting and requires one to not be lazy, and to not desire shortcuts

It requires courage
for living life is a labour of love
Like Sisyphus, one must love one’s labour of loving

By: Anu

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